About Assistive Technology Partnership (ATP)

Connecting Nebraskans with opportunities through assistive technology


Since 1989, The Assistive Technology Partnership (ATP) has assisted Nebraskans with disabilities, their families, educators, service coordinators, employers and a host of agencies to learn about and use assistive technology. ATP is a state agency in the Department of Education.

Nebraska VR applied for a start up grant and ATP was funded by the Technology-Related Assistance Act of 1988. The original name of the program was the Assistive Technology Project. The name was changed in 1998.

The new name is symbolic of the tremendous changes that occurred in Nebraska’s technology delivery system during ATP’s early years. Creating a partnership with Nebraska Health and Human Services and Nebraska VR was just the beginning of a unique collaboration. Initially called Solutions on Site, Technology Specialists conducted on-site assessments at homes and worksites for their new partners, which resulted in consumer success using appropriate and cost effective solutions.

Creating a partnership with agencies resulted in a unique collaboration. The seamless service across program lines resulted in less duplication and made it possible for individuals of all ages and disabilities to access success through a single point of entry. ATP provides services to explore potential funding sources, try equipment before buying, and have an assessment/consultation done by a qualified technology specialist at home, school, and work.

ATP's focus has not changed. ATP began with one office and a staff of five. Today ATP connects Nebraskans statewide to opportunities through assistive technology with a staff of 26 at six office locations. 

The future is bright. ATP continues to add new partners and explore innovative ways to get devices into the hands of consumers.

  ATP brochure March 2023.pdf

woman in wheelchair holding and looking at tablet computer

ATP Staff Beliefs

We believe in Respect

  • Show compassion for individuals and their situations
  • Represent ATP honestly to consumers and partners
  • Listen to consumer needs without judgement
  • Maintain open communication to all parties to the best of our abilities


We believe in Innovation

  • Maintain and seek new community partners
  • Identify new and emerging technologies for loan and demonstration
  • Utilize emerging technologies to provide efficient staff services
  • Train staff and consumers
  • Support change to maximize services for consumers

We believe in Availability

  • Provide one stop appropriate information and referral
  • Be punctual for scheduled appointments and meetings and communicate delays and cancellations in a timely manner
  • Monitor social media communication on a daily basis
  • Respond to phone and walk in inquiries in a timely manner
  • Provide accommodations when needed (interpreters, translation services)
  • Check for understanding when communication is adapted or adjusted for clarification of the message


We believe in Independence

  • Provide access to internal/external resources to assist consumers to make informed decisions
  • Enable consumers to define their own independence
  • Develop assistive technology solutions based on individual needs