ATP needs qualified contractors and vendors to help us serve Nebraskans with disabilities.

Bid on projects year round.

Left to right: toilet with arms, wheelchair lift back of van, wooden accessible ramp

Contractors (building entrance ramps, modifying bathrooms for accessibility, widening doorways) and vendors (specializing in Durable Medical Equipment (DME), vehicle modifications) need to become an Approved Provider as the first step.

Contact : Liz Lohse (402) 471-2447, to learn more about becoming an approved provider.

ATP Process

Step 1 ATP conducts an assessment of the property/vehicle and drafts specifications/plans for the project.

Step 2 Consumer approves project.

Step 3 ATP sends plans/specifications to contractors/vendors for competitive quotes. Quotes are due back in 2 weeks.

Step 4 ATP sends a Service Authorization to the contractor awarded the project, who has 60 days to complete. Exceptions due to weather and unforseen circumstances can be made.

Step 5 Contractor/vendor submits invoice to ATP upon project completion.

Step 6 ATP inspects the project and consumers signs Acceptance and Agreement form when project is completed to their satisfaction.

Step 7 ATP submits invoice for payment.

Step 8 Payment is made to contractor/vendor.

Approved Provider Standard Quote Forms

All project quotes (excluding vehicles and equipment) are required to be submitted on ATP Standard Quote Form. Download the appropriate fillable form and save it to your computer before completing. You will need the latest version of Adobe Reader. Mail or e-mail to the Technology Specialist who requested your quote.

Standard Quote Form-Bathroom Rev 12.2017

Standard Quote Form-Ceiling Track Lift System Rev. 3.2019

Standard Quote Form-Entrance Rev 1.2018

Standard Quote Form-Misc. Rev 1.2018

Standard Quote Form-Stairlift Rev 12.2017