Funding for the cost of home modifications, assistive technology, or services needed by consumers who experience a disability are not directly funded by ATP. Funding may be available from numerous programs. Examples include disability-related organizations, government programs, and non-profits, etc.

Each resource has their own eligibility requirements. Requirements may include age, residence, disability, income, request, etc. Funding amounts also vary and it may require several resources to fund what is needed.

 Take the first step to identify what programs you qualify for by completing the 

Service and Device Application (S & D) electronically or by mail:

1.  Electronic

• Request a fillable PDF application. Email:

• Complete, sign, and submit the application (you will receive a copy after submission)

2. Mail

• Print the Service and Device Application Service & Device Application revised 4.2021.pdf

• Complete, sign, and mail the application to: Assistive Technology Partnership, 3901 N. 27th Street, Suite 5, Lincoln, NE 68521

After receiving your Service and Device Application ATP’s Resource Coordinator will:


Research resources

based on:

  • Your disability
  • What devices and services you request
  • Program eligibility requirements
  • Funding availability


Make connections

to potential resources that we partner with. These resources may cover or supplement the cost of what you need.


Send you

a list of other potential resources that you may qualify for.

► Financial loans are a potential way to help you purchase the assistive technology you need, explore this possibility:

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Check out the Credit-Building Mini-Loan: Build a credit history and buy devices and services. Loans range from a minimum of $100 to $1,999. Could this loan assist you with the purchase of hearing aids, wheelchair batteries, vehicle repairs and portable ramps?

Traditional loans: ($2,000-$35,000) are also available to assist in the purchase of modified vehicles, home modifications, etc.

For more information:

Questions or concerns regarding funding?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our ATP Resource Specialist, Angie Ransom, (402) 309-0374.