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ATP statewide services are available for Nebraskans of all ages and disabilities. ATP also assists those who are recuperating from an injury or illness and need temporary solutions.

ATP’s experienced staff is ready to help explore equipment from the beginning to the end of the process. Technology Specialists help identify equipment options, features, and modifications for your purpose at home, school, or work.

ATP is experienced with building codes and specifications for ramps, showers, classroom and special education requirements, and workstation requirements and modified tools.

On-site assessments at homes, classrooms and worksites may be available along with training on equipment use. Demonstration of equipment features to individuals and groups are offered and short-term loans provide the opportunity to try before you buy preventing purchases that don’t meet your needs.

ATP helps service coordinators, employers, educators, and agency personnel learn about the benefits of assistive technology.

Home modifications and technology can be expensive. ATP has partnerships with organizations who might help cover all or part of what you need. Some resources are related to a specific disability and others to the purpose of the equipment, such as independent living or employment. By contacting ATP you can connect with potential funding and other options such as financial loans and used and donated items.

ATP plans to expand equipment reuse, increasing equipment availability and cutting costs. We need additional partners in our effort to make referrals and to help refurbish, store, and deliver equipment.


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