How to Support Families at Home with Assistive Technology for Young Children-Webinar

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How to Support Families at Home with Assistive Technology for Young Children - Illuminating Family Priorities with Beth Poss

Parent coaching is an essential, evidence-based practice in early intervention services, particularly for those providing home-based services in Birth-3 Infants and Toddlers Programs. This series will highlight strategies for engaging families, creating buy-in with all parties when determining outcomes, and utilizing family routines to drive the integration of assistive technology.

Parent collaboration is most effective when intervention services are aligned with a family's priorities. This session will examine strategies to help families share their daily routines with early intervention providers and consider what they want their child to be able to do in the context of these routines and examine how to engage families in developing IFSP outcomes that can be addressed through daily routines.

Participants will be able to
1. Explain 3 ways that using a routines-based model supports parent collaboration with early intervention providers
2. Describe 2 ways to embed assistive technology into family routines
3. Define 3 resources to engage families in using augmentative communication supports with their young child.

Event Date: 
Wednesday, June 23, 2021 (All day)