Nebraska VR Program

VR Staff Newsletters (sent using Constant Contact)

Spring 2023 Two Wheels (Bike program)  David Altman

Winter 2023 Until all the Pieces Fit (memory solutions)

Fall 2022 Making a difference for Reading and Writing  Maddie Pittmann

Spring 2022 Things to Remember (reminder apps) David Altman

Winter 2022 Every Word Counts (hearing loss)

Fall 2021 Supported Employment: Work Options for DD Maddie Pittmann

Summer 2021 Cool Solutions (fans) Pam Cody

Spring 2021 Another VR (Virtual Reality) David Altman

Winter 2020 One of the Best Solutions (4 apps for brain injury) Pam Cody

Summer 2020 Chair Toppers

Spring 2020 Part of Your Day (bidet) David Altman

Winter 2019 Amplified Stethoscopes

Fall 2019 Tech in the Workplace Brooke Harrie