Services at Work

Whether you are a student or an employee, ATP can help you find resources and determine appropriate technology to help you be successful:


  • Accomplish activities of daily living
  • Resolve transportation issues
  • Gain equal access to the school, campus or work environment
  • Increase education and career opportunities by working closely with Nebraska VR
  • Maximize your ability to perform essential skills

Assistive Technology Partnership/Nebraska VR Supported Employment Referrals

Supported employment staff and job coaches complete the form below if the Nebraska VR client you are working with is in need of ATP services and support.

Submit the referral form to the assigned Nebraska VR staff member. Nebraska VR will contact ATP to begin services or contact you for additional information.

 Supported Employment Referral Form.pdf


Woman sitting in chair holding tablet computer

Man with neckbrace and crutches pictured in front of the cab of a white semi truck


ATP is here to help you find appropriate and cost effective equipment that can make a difference when hiring new employees and help you retain current employees as they age or experience a disability.

ATP can also loan you equipment to help employees return to work after an injury or illness.

ATP works closely with Nebraska VR and helps to make your employees successful on the job by assessing job sites and making recommendations on equipment and adaptations that will meet the employees needs.





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