Early Childhood Mathematics Series: Session 2 - Block Play & Shapes with Beth Poss

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This series will help educators understand the development of conceptual mathematical skills, how to build a foundation for mathematical thinking, and how to adapt mathematics instruction to make it accessible and meaningful to early math learners. Participants will gain an understanding of the progression of math skill development in young learners, and how to foster this in students with disabilities. We will examine how exploration with a variety of physical and digital resources can aid in the understanding of mathematical concepts, and how to provide adaptations for students with a range of disabilities. Learn how everyday routines and activities can build the foundations of mathematics competence in young children. Session 2: Block Play and Shapes Block play encompasses a developmental continuum of skills that is critical to the later development of mathematical skills related to geometry and measurement. This session will focus on increasing educators' understanding of the continuum of block and shape play and how to foster this in young children with developmental delays. Go beyond dump and fill and knocking down blocks and explore how using blocks and shapes in increasingly complex play schemes enhances mathematical competence.
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