Technology Tools to Support Early Literacy - Early Writing Tools

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This session will explore strategies and resources that support young children in exploring writing tools, moving from drawing and scribbling to making letters, and establishing an understanding of the power of expressing their own thoughts in print as the foundations for early writing skills. We will examine instructional routines and resources that help young learners develop as emergent writers. The session will examine both digital and low tech resources that are integral components of successful early literacy programming. There will be a specific focus on ensuring that early literacy instruction is accessible to children with communication and physical disabilities. Learning Outcomes: Participants will be able to: 1. Describe 2 ways that early writing can be supported by digital technology 2. Describe 2 ways that early writing can be supported by low tech resources 3. Identify 2 resources that educators can provide access to literacy instruction for young children with communication and/or physical disabilities
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