Assistive Technology ADVANCE - September/October 2020


Assitive Technology Advance: A Newsletter of the ATP Education Program


September/October 2020     
Announcing EDUCATION.AT4ALL.COM! New Site! New Design! New Experiece!
Access the ATP Education Statewide Loan Pool in a New Way!
In September 2020, the ATP Education Program launched EDUCATION.AT4ALL.COM, a revised and simplified service that allows education programs to borrow equipment to support children and students receiving special education services. This service is available free-of-charge for any member of a child’s IFSP or a student’s IEP team in Nebraska employed by or those who are contracted with a school/district/program from which the child/student is receiving special education services.

The purpose of EDUCATION.AT4ALL.COM (and the assistive technology tools/systems housed within) is to:  

  • (a) help IFSP and IEP teams trial potential assistive technology tools/systems to determine the AT needs of children/students children/students who are receiving special education services (i.e., those who are being evaluated for or those who have been found eligible for services under Part B or Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) and/or
  • (b) for short-term use of the equipment to meet a child’s/student’s needs during the time period assistive technology that has been written into an IFSP or IEP is being acquired OR when assistive technology that has been written into an IFSP or IEP is being repaired/replaced
October is AAC Awareness Month!

2020 AAC Awareness

AAC has an important role in the lives of many students with disabilities. Follow #AACaware20 on Twitter and check out the following AAC resources to help those who are AAC users:

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Solutions from the Statewide Education Loan Pool
The Statewide Education Loan Pool is hosted on EDUCATION.AT4ALL.COM. The main purpose of the loan pool is to allow members of IFSP and IEP teams to try different pieces of assistive technology (AT) with children/students to see if the AT meets the needs of the children/students. AT Loans from the loan pool are free of charge and will be shipped to and from the borrower. Loan periods are for 60 calendar days.
Logan Proxtalker
Logan ProxTalker

The Logan ProxTalker is an assistive communications device that anyone who uses picture exchange (PECS) to communicate can easily learn. The benefit is increased independence in communication because the ProxTalker actually talks. Standard words are included and custom words can be added right through the on-board microphone or by computer.

PowerLink 4
ProSlate 10
The ProSlate 10 by Forbes AAC is an iOS based, dedicated communication device that can be loaded with many different AAC apps available on the market. The ProSlate 10 available from the ATP Education loan pool is running the Clicker Communicator app. The ProSlate 10 also comes with a detachable SoundPod that can be worn around the neck making the sound come from the person who is communicating through the device.