Assistive Technology ADVANCE - November/December 2020

Assitive Technology Advance: A Newsletter of the ATP Education Program


Novembe/December  2020   
FREE Assistive Technology Professional Development wth CEUs!
Engage in FREE AT Professional Development and Earn CEUs!
The ATP Education Program has partnered with the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) to offer statewide access to the ATIA Learning Center. The ATIA Learning Center has over a hundred on-demand webinars and short courses that can be accessed by any Nebraskan educator, parent, or student at no cost. Many of the offerings can be used to obtain IACET or ASHA CEUs at no additional cost. To request access the ATIA Learning Center, please use the link below. Requesters will receive an email shortly after with instructions on how to access the ATIA Learning Center. 
    AT and Reading

    Do you work with students who struggle with reading?

    Supporting students who struggle with reading involves both providing hig- quality instruction (core and supplemental) AND access to accessible educational materials (AEM). Special Education law states that IEP teams should provide access to such materials in a timely manner to any student with a qualifying disability that impacts access to print materials. Below are some resources to help IEP teams provide AEM to students:


    Moving Cart with Education.AT4ALL.COM logo - just in case you missed it...

    In September 2020, the ATP Education launched a streamlined version of the website for the ATP Education Statewide Loan Pool Program at EDUCATION.AT4ALL.COM. Make sure to update your bookmarks!   


    We have gathered some items related to reading that you may want to check out on EDUCATION.AT4ALL.COM 




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    Solutions from the Statewide Education Loan Pool
    The Statewide Education Loan Pool is hosted on EDUCATION.AT4ALL.COM. The main purpose of the loan pool is to allow members of IFSP and IEP teams to try different pieces of assistive technology (AT) with children/students to see if the AT meets the needs of the children/students. AT Loans from the loan pool are free of charge and will be shipped to and from the borrower. Loan periods are for 60 calendar days.
    Colored Overlaysr
    Colored Overlays

    For some, black text on a white page can cause reading difficulties. These colored transparencies may help reduce eye strain, headaches, visual distortions and tracking problems. Many colors are included in order to assess the correct color to best help the struggling reader.

    Bluebee Pal Pro
    Bluebee Pal Pro
    Bluebee Pals are plush animals that sync to your devices via Bluetooth. The Bluebee Pal will move its mouth in sync with the device sound. Use a Bluebee Pal to make story apps, speech apps and other educational apps more engaging for the learner.