EDUCATION.AT4ALL.COM - ATP Education Program's Statewide Loan Pool

EDUCATION.AT4ALL.COMThe ATP Education Program offers EDUCATION.AT4ALL.COM, a service that allows education programs to borrow equipment to support children and students receiving special education services.  This service is available free-of-charge for any member of a child’s IFSP or a student’s IEP team in Nebraska employed by or those who are contracted with a school/district/program from which the child/student is receiving special education services.

The purpose of EDUCATION.AT4ALL.COM (and the assistive technology tools/systems housed within) is to

  • (a) help IFSP and IEP teams trial potential assistive technology tools/systems to determine the AT needs of children/students children/students who are receiving special education services (i.e., those who are being evaluated for or those who have been found eligible for services under Part B or Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) and/or
  • (b) for short-term use of the equipment to meet a child’s/student’s needs during the time period assistive technology that has been written into an IFSP or IEP is being acquired OR when assistive technology that has been written into an IFSP or IEP is being repaired/replaced.

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Each time a person borrows from EDUCATION.AT4ALL.COM, he/she will be assigned a member of the ATP Education Program to provide support with the borrowed equipment.

The loan period for any borrowed equipment from EDUCATION.AT4ALL.COM may vary but is up to 60 days. Extensions to loan periods may be granted on a case-by-case basis. However, the borrower agrees to comply with the stipulations placed on the loan by the ATP Education Program.