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ATP Education Program's Purpose

The Assistive Technology Partnership Education (ATP/Ed) Program provides statewide services to IFSP and IEP team members working with children and students with disabilities birth to 21 who are receiving services within school systems.  All decisions related to assistive technology services and devices are made by the IFSP/IEP team.  

ATP Education Program's Vision

Our vision is to ensure that individual children/students can be successful by creating systemic capacity that results in quality Assistive Technology (AT) services for every child/student who needs AT.  

ATP Education Program's Services

The ATP/Ed program supports IFSP/IEP teams through the following services:
  • Phone, email and online video (e.g., Zoom) technical assistance - Supporting IFSP/IEP teams in finding potential AT solutions for children/students.  
  • Training for IFSP/IEP teams and school personnel about AT tools/systems and services - Providing professional development to enable IFSP/IEP teams to effectively and independently deliver quality AT services including:
    • How to consider AT
    • How to conduct AT assessments
    • How to acquire and provide AT tools/systems
    • How to implement AT effectively
    • How to evaluate the effectiveness of AT for a child/student
  • Access to a Statewide Assistive Technology Equipment Loan Pool (i.e., EDUCATION.AT4ALL.COM) – IFSP/IEP teams may (at no cost) borrow AT tools/systems for up to 60 days to use 
    • for assessing potential AT solutions that would meet child’s/student’s needs OR
    • as a short-term loan while waiting for a child’s/student’s existing AT to be repaired/replaced. 


The ATP Education Program is part of the Nebraska Assistive Technology Partnership (ATP) and is funded through the Nebraska Department of Education Office of Special Education

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