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The ATP Education Program supports IFSP and IEP Teams provide high-quality assistive technology to children and students receiving special education services.  Choose a service to explore by clicking on one of the following buttons.

Statewide Training and Support

The ATP Education Program offers a variety of statewide training and supports.  These include regular webinars and online learning activities (e.g., lunch bunches, watch parties, and monthly video releases).  These can be found within the ATP Education Program's Academy

Requested Targeted Training

Onsite or virtual training may be requested for IFSP/IEP teams and school personnel about AT tools/systems and services.  These may include (but not limited to):

  • How to consider AT

  • How to conduct evaluation of AT needs

  • How to acquire and provide AT tools/systems

  • How to implement AT effectively

  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of AT for a child/student

  • Training on specific categories of AT (e.g., AAC, Reading, Switches, etc.) or specific AT tools/systems

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Team Coaching

IFSP/IEP teams may request coaching support from the ATP Education Program Team.  Coaching supports are designed to help IFSP/IEP teams provide quality AT services to students receiving special education services and may include (but not limited to):

  • Determining if a child/student needs AT

  • Developing a quality implementation plan for AT 

  • Documenting AT effectively in the IFSP/IEP

  • Incorporating AT into transition plans

  • Teaching a child/student to effectively use AT on tasks

  • Determing AT is working effectively for a child/student

  • Find potential AT tools/systems based on an identified set of features

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Email Updates and Newsletters

The ATP Education Program sends out periodic email and social media blasts about upcoming training opportunities, resources, and AT tool/system highlights.  There is also a special email update for administrators, coordinators, and coaches.

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ATP Education Statewide Loan Library

The ATP Education Program offers EDUCATION.AT4ALL.COM, a service that allows education programs to borrow equipment to support children and students receiving special education services.  This service is available free-of-charge for any member of a child’s IFSP or a student’s IEP team in Nebraska employed by or those who are contracted with a school/district/program from which the child/student is receiving special education services.



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